Our Story

About the Founder

Known for her creativity as a talented hairstylist, Andrea Moniece has always wanted to help others look more beautiful. Along with her cosmetology skills and the gift to make clients feel more than confident, she decided to invest in her strengths and setup Hollywood Stylez in 2005. With her unique approach in providing outstanding hair services and developing client retention, Andrea met and connected with hundreds of different business owners, licensed professionals, and other committed entrepreneurs in order to gain the experience of ownership.

Her desire was to open a salon where people who experienced hair loss, overweight issues, or other health concerns could visit and receive a visual lifestyle change. During this time, Andrea decided to open her first Hollywood Stylez salon in 2012, to serve clients within the St. Louis region. After hiring a team of professional stylists to assist her, the company’s primary goal is to organize a positive and inspiring environment to help clients with all their beauty needs.

Today, Andrea Moniece is an award-winning hairstylist who fully embraces excellent customer relationships and her team makes every client feel like a STAR! Andrea acquired her cosmetology license in 2009 and she is now a Master Stylist, Wig Specialist, Hair Extensions & Healthy Hair professional, and she loves everything about the beauty industry. Andrea has also elevated Hollywood Stylez with selling many online products, supplies, and services. She is now a global entrepreneur.