1. How Do I Care For My Extensions? The entirety of the hair in our collection is human. We provide broad cleaning of the hair before selling our products. You can wash, condition, and care for the hair as though it were your own. We offer Sew-Ins, Quickweaves, Mircorlinks, Infusions, Tape-Ins, & Clip Ins. During a detailed consultation with your stylist, he/she will assist you with choosing the perfect care method.

  2. Do I Need To Wash The Hair Before Using It? No, you do not have to, since it goes thru a thorough job of washing and processing the hair. However, if you desire, you can do so.

  3. Do You Sell Clip-In Extensions? Not currently, but they are coming soon.

  4. Do You Sell Customized Wigs? Yes.

  5. Do You Ship Outside The U.S? Yes. Shipping charges may vary.

  6. How Long Will My Extensions Last? Most extensions will last up to a year or more, depending on how you care for the hair.

  7. What’s A Bundle? A bundle is 3.5 ounces of hair. We currently ship our hair in bundles. We recommend at least 2 bundles for the average person, or 7 ounces.

  8. How Much Hair Should I Purchase? You would normally need 2-3 bundles for 3 bundles for wig (if you purchase any bundle over 22in we recommend adding one additional bundle). We recommend 1 bundle for clip- in extensions.

  9. What Type of Hair Do You Use? Our products are made-up of 100% virgin Indian, Malaysian, and Brazilian human hair.

  10. Do You Have Synthetic Hair as Well? Not currently.

  11. Can I Apply Heat to My Hair Extensions? You can apply heat to all the hair that Hollywood Stylez sells. However, please review the individual product description for more information.

  12. Can You Dye the Hair Extensions? You can lighten and color the hair extensions (professionally recommended).

  13. Can I Change an Order? Once Hollywood Styles receives payment, you cannot change the order.

  14. Can I Cancel an Order? Yes, you may cancel an order within 2 hours before payment clears.

  15. Payment Options We accept ShopPay, Google Pay, PayPal, Amazon Pay, and debit or credit cards.

  16. Do You Have Live Chat for Payments and Product Questions? Yes, and we typically reply within a few minutes.

  17. When Do You Take Payment? We take payment at the time of placing the order.

  18. Do You Accept Exchanges? Exchanges are available within 3 days of purchase if bundles are intact.

  19. Do You Have Free Shipping? Yes, on all orders over $150.

   20. What Is Your Return Policy? Once the consumer opens the package, it voids all refunds. We will except returns if the consumer did not open the original packaging.